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Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Navigated Robotic Guidance Hip and Knee, Unicompartmental “Partial” Knee Replacement

Dr Andrew Letchford, a leading expert in joint replacements, is among the first Orthopaedic Surgeons accredited to offer this revolutionary technique of robotic assisted joint replacements on the Gold Coast.

Dr Letchford performs Robotic Assisted surgeries at The Gold Coast Private Hospital.

What is a “ Robotic assisted “ joint replacement procedure ? 

A specific procedure that is designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis and provides the surgeon with a superior surgical outcome. 

It begins with a CT scan of the diseased joint that then generates a 3D virtual model that is then loaded into the robot software and is used to create your own personalised pre operative plan. 
This plan is then used in the operating room with the assistance of the Robotic arm which guides Dr Letchford with exact precision of accurate placement and alignment of the implant and prevents him from going outside of the boundaries of the implant.

Why a “Robotic assisted” joint replacement procedure? 

“Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery affords us absolute accuracy. Post-operatively, in respect to uni-compartmental knee replacements, what it means is that because we are creating a much smaller incision, the patients have the potential to recover a whole lot quicker.

It used to be that this type of surgery (uni-compartmental knee replacements) required a patient to be in hospital for about a week. With Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery, patients are routinely going home on the second day after surgery”

Dr Andrew Letchford

Robotic Surgery – Hip

  • Robotic Surgery provides more accurate cup placement compared to a manual replacement and also decreases probable impingement, wear and dislocation of the hip.

  • Provides a more accurate leg length  which reduces potential for any discomfort and walking complications

Robotic Surgery – Unicompartmental Knee

  • It is a treatment option that is much more user friendly for the surgeon and can give a better result for the patient much earlier in the diagnosis, without going through a full knee replacement.
  • For patients with osteoarthritis isolated to a single compartment of the knee, this can alleviate pain without having to perform a full knee replacement, and increase the chance of delivering a knee that functions better.

Robotic Surgery – Total Knee

  • Navigated Robotic surgery provides the ability to accurately size and position an implant during Total Knee Replacement Surgery when arthritis is present in multi compartments within the knee.
  • Provides accurate ligament balancing for a more comfortable, functional joint replacement.

If you are interested in learning more about Robotic assisted surgery, please feel free to view the links we have provided below or alternatively, contact our rooms to schedule a consultation to discuss in person with Dr Andrew Letchford.

Watch the Robotic Assisted Surgery in action with this video animation