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Sports Injuries

Treating sports injuries on the Gold Coast is a demanding field, especially where the outcomes of treatment are so important to a patient’s future ability to continue playing sports. Effective sports medicine and treatment plans can spell the difference between returning to the field and losing the ability to play entirely.

Dr. Letchford specialises in providing outstanding care as an orthopaedic surgeon for patients who wish to stay strong and mobile, and for whom preserving their performance is a critical factor. Whether his patients require assistance to repair a torn, separated or ruptured ligament – or have torn their meniscus and require treatment – Dr. Latchford has the ability and expertise to help them. He understands that maintaining mobility is one of the key concerns for any athlete or sportsperson, and will work with you to determine which treatment will allow for the highest level of flexibility and freedom of movement.

Our treatments utilise advanced surgical methods to effectively treat knee disorders, including damage to the cartilage and lining of the joint, as well as ligament damage. They also incorporate the effective use of sports medicine and extensive follow-up care procedures, to ensure that any damage is repaired and that the patient can quickly get back to their physical pursuits – whether recreational or professional.

Feel free to click the links below to learn more about specific treatments that we apply to sports injuries on the Gold Coast, including pre and post-treatment considerations and procedures.